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Unfollow You & New Skin
Dec 30, 2011 • 30.12.11 • 10 comments

Hello gang , today I would like to unfollow you , but it is randomly which is I feel not important to follow . I'm so sorry because do it . Not to unfriend you all but I already followed 300 bloggerians. Don't sad I will put your link in my blog, so I still can visit you hehe : ) Now, I can't follow the blog I want. This is not my fault :3 ohhman please forgive me yeah ?

Okay ! can you all see my new skin ? Sure you can right?  HAHA I think this more awesome than before. Did you now I re-edit this blog from 8:00 am . Yahh! why is too long ? I should remove the first blogskin  that I choose because it can't highlight and copy paste. How my follower want to copy my tuto. Ohhdamn ~~ Then after I lunch, I online back till now to renovate this blog back.

Finally, this is the ending of it . Jyeahhh ! Im so tired .

My Quest:

Why I saw many people visit my blog but didn't let their footprint in my fibox . Are you all don't know how to use it ? What is FIBOX? Fibox is the new chatbox that is free too all blogger after the shoutmix  is not free anymore grrrr ~ ! It's AWESOME . I didn't lying.

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