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Im Leaving You
Sep 25, 2011 • 25.9.11 • 0 comments

He is leaving me . I guess he's miserable . Do you know how we started our love? I'm so nervous . I feel like a fool . What should I do now

Yeah! It's Your Boy .Rara Is Back! Don't Cry Girl! Let's Go To The Second Love Can't Nobody Hold . Me Down

If I turn around and close my eyes, will I forget him? If I cling and cling and cling on to him . Will I be able to open his heart . No, no, don't leave me, stay with me

I need to know that you're really a fool . I do such a useless love .I don't know why men leave me or why . Men change, you're too nice . Let's talk about it, I think he'll come back to me if I are clingy . I think he will come back if I wait? This isn't a movie or a drama . The reality is, I will suffer a break up that will scar me . I can't sleep, my pillow is wet with tears, the LED of my silent phone turns off . Tear up all those couple discount coupons . Make them again later, why are I am lingering . My boy friend has left . If I stay like thing, I am the only one who'll get mad . Now, wipe up all my cold tears and Let's Go To The Second Love .

I Need You I Want You . Don't Break My Heart Heart Heart . What Should I Do Now . Was what  did really love or not love at all . Was his heart for real or was it not . We can't know for sure but now turn to something different . Don't go through a dangerous and harmful break up . Even if . I wander the streets crazily all day . Even if I think of him and curse at him . There's nothing more to expect from an ended relationship . Not The Show! Baby Aint' No Joke! My friend's words, My family reactions . Are I am just going to be in silence with my pained heart?
Hurry and forget him and find someone else .

I don't think I can ever love again . I hate myself for always being wounded like this

17. Servant of Allah. Allah understand me more than I understand myself.YA ALLAH BERIKANLAH SARIRUZAHIRA 9A DALAM SPM 2013. Struggling to be a better mukminah. إن شاء الله ♥ - Don't focus on your problems. You won't find a solution. Focus on Allah. He is the solution. - Never give up. Great things take time. Put trust in Him and make doa'. |

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